The basic hire charge is including the following services:

  1. Technical help for the vehicle for breakdown recovery due to faults of mechanic (not due to driver error or abuse)
  2. The initial cleaning of the vehicle
  3. The Basic Protection Package including the following: Fire-Insurance, Collision-Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft Waiver (TW)
  4. Third party liability insurance
  5. Mileage unlimited

Renter’s qualification

In possession of a valid Greek, European (for EU countries) or International (for countries not belonging to EU) drivers license
In possesion of a personal credit or debit card
Requirments for Drivers License:
The driver’s license must be issued as follows:
1 year before car pick up date for car groups A, B, C1, Cd, D, D2, D4, Dd, E1, E2 J, J1, J2. and 3 years before car pick up date for the rest of the groups

Vehicle pick up
If the vehicle is picked up, the renter must have the following documents:
A valid driver’s license
A personal credit or debit card. We cannot accept third party credit cards Only accepted if there is a written validated authorization available

Fuel Policy: The vehicle must be returned from the Renter with at least the same amount of fuel as when rented.. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel than rented, there is an extra charge of the fuel which was consumed.

When picking up the vehicle the renter gets a rental contract which he is obligated to read carefully and sign. This rental contract shows all services and insurances provided as well as any extra packages (services/insurances) that the renter might request with the relevant charges
The renter must check and report any existing damage on the vehicle in order to avoid any charges regarding damages which was caused by the previous renter

Cancellation Policy
In case of cancellation of a reservation made in the internet during the period of 20 days before the starting date of the rental the whole amount of the deposit can be claimed or the deposit can be kept

Ferrying the car
All insurances are not valid in case if the vehicle is ferrying between Greek Islands. The renter must return the vehicle to the pick up station. If this is not done, all transportation costs will be charged to the renter. In case of mechanical problems or in case of an accident the renter is responsible for the transportation back to the mainland at his own expense


The renter can modify the booking free of charge at least 10 days before the hire period is due to start This can be done per Email or telephone


If the renter want to extend the hire period as shown in the rental contract the rental company must be contacted at least 4 working hours before the hire period is ending

Mineva rent a car accepts all major credit cards and Paypal